MBA – Master in Business Administration

Open Enrollment for Classes 2019-2020

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Beginning of Classes: 1st semester 2019

Duration: 18 months – Lectures Biweekly on Saturdays (See class schedule)

What is an MBA?

MBA is the acronym for Master of Business Administration. This type of course is very common in American universities, being considered the Master in the area of Business Administration of that country. The MBA is a very popular course for business administration students worldwide. An MBA course is recognized internationally, being considered as an extremely important step in pursuit of a successful business management career. In Brazil, the MBA is considered as a Lato Sensu Specialization course, differing from the Academic and Professional Master’s courses, governed and organized by CAPES. Regardless of the professional sector you are in, an MBA specialist degree maximizes the business management process from a general view of the entire administrative process of an organization.

Career Opportunity

The professional that studies an MBA in Brazil is ahead of the others, because anyone who wants to work with business management must have a specialist degree in their curriculum. Most of the titles are obtained in pursuit of career advancement and job opportunities. With the MBA, this is no different, however, because of its specialty, the MBA is extremely advantageous in relation to the market opportunities. The MBAs of Uni-FACEF provide knowledge that can provide differential in the labor market in the following areas: Audit, Marketing, Finance
Controllership, Public Administration, Personal Business, Non-profit Organizations, Information Technology and International Business.

The Value of an MBA

An MBA course, besides leveraging the professional career, also brings a set of values that are only acquired from the exchange of experience in the classroom between the faculty and student. During an MBA course, you can acquire the following skills:
Business Knowledge: The MBA provides knowledge about the entire business process and its relationships within organizations. Business Strategies are presented theoretically, however, the focus of teaching is on the practical learning of the administrative process.
Leadership Skill: The MBA degree involves group projects that provide the skills needed to lead in practical everyday situations.
Networking: The alliances that the professional forms with classmates are the basis for the growth of a network of personal and professional contacts, which allow for an expansion of knowledge throughout the course.

MBA Candidates

The MBA course is suitable for graduates, in any field of knowledge. The general principle of the MBA, its essence, allows professionals from other areas, other than the administrative one, also to be able to attend the specialization course. For some MBA courses, with emphasis on a specific subject, it is desirable (not mandatory) that professionals have previous experience in the areas of applied social sciences, such as Administration, Accounting Sciences, Economics, Law, Social Communication and all Engineering. The MBA courses also serve professionals who are away from studies, executives, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and other professionals who wish to improve their career and gain new knowledge for a managerial position of business.

Choose the Best Program for You

The Uni-FACEF offers five MBA programs in various areas of administrative knowledge. Most programs have a common generalist block, which provides general knowledge of the business administrative process. Search our website for MBA modules with different emphases, and see which is best suited to your management interests, and that suit your professional aspirations.


* Uni-FACEF reserves the right not to take the course if the minimum number of students is not reached