Regional development

Interdisciplinary treatment of regional development, in the area of social and humanities, configured in the focus of productive chains, in its multiple aspects; the actions of public and private agents, in the wake of public policies, with the objective of promoting social welfare in its multiple dimensions, as well as its reflections on economic and social development.


The course will be developed at a Masters level, with a focus on Regional Development, which will include advanced studies and research activities focused on this specific area, based on the following lines of research:

Social Development and Public Policies:
It focuses on the study of actions by public and private agents with the aim of promoting social welfare in its multiple dimensions. It addresses in a special way the investigation of the role played by public policies in the construction of mechanisms that contribute to the effective reduction of social inequality and the promotion of citizenship.

Territorial Dynamics and Regional Development:

It considers the articulations between the different scales (local, regional, national and global) and proposes studies on the different territorial dynamics, while attitudes / strategies of reaction to the global movement. It addresses the composition of productive structures (sectoral and regional), the role of governance, the impacts of globalization and productive restructuring, cultural aspects that shape regional identities, and issues of environmental health, education and social partners. The research line also covers the contribution of technology, especially ICT (information and communication technologies), cooperation networks, micro and small enterprises, and new forms of industrial organization such as Local Productive Arrangements and Clusters for development.

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