The Uni-FACEF, an institution of excellence in research in the social sciences, applied social and human sciences, obtained the CAPES Recommendation to offer vacancies in the Master’s Program in Regional Development in the Interdisciplinary area.
After months of organization of the disciplines, maturing of projects and publications, with the commitment of permanent teachers and collaborators, throughout the process, the Project was approved by CEPE – Uni-FACEF Research and Extension Teaching Council, in March 2007, and then sent to (CAPES. In October 2007, the University Center received a previous evaluation of CAPES, pointing out some suggestions and scheduling an on-site visit to verify doubts.
On 08 and 09 November 2007, the Uni-FACEF received a visit from CAPES to clarify points presented in the Project. For Uni-FACEF, it was an honor to receive two great specialists in Regional Development to evaluate the Program’s offer conditions:

The Prof. Dr. Ivan Targino Moreira – Master in Economics from the Federal University of Pernambuco; Doctor of Economics – Université Paris 1 (Panthéon-Sorbonne). Assistant Professor at the Federal University of Paraíba, with several scientific works, numerous research projects, extensive experience in economics, with emphasis on Agrarian Economy, working in the following subjects: agriculture, labor and migration, and having as spatial Paraíba and the Northeast.

It was gratifying to the Uni-FACEF professors to hear from the professor, in quick and informal conversations, questions related to the Regional Development of the Northeast, especially with regard to the form of industrial installation in that space, for example, the Shoe Industry in Paraíba.
We also received Prof. Dr. André Tosi Furtado – PhD in Economic Sciences – Universite de Paris I (Pantheon-Sorbonne). Professor at the State University of Campinas. He has published numerous articles in specialized periodicals and annals of events, numerous chapters of books and published books. Winner of the Zeferino Vaz Award in 2004. Evaluator of Major Technological Programs.

Apart from Dr. André’s competence, it was gratifying to the Uni-FACEF professors who accompanied the visit, to share quick and informal conversations about his career and his coexistence with his father, the great Economist Celso Furtado.
On December 19, 2007, the Recommendation of the Interdisciplinary Masters in Regional Development was published, resulting from the 98th Meeting of the CTC of New Courses from December 10 to 14, 2007.
Certainly, the recommendation for the operation of the Regional Development Program will bring many contributions to France and the region, as the Uni-FACEF, already experienced in the area, will be even more important in the production and systematization of knowledge that will allow planning and effective actions for the local and regional community.

Prof. Dr. Paulo de Tarso Oliveira
Uni-FACEF Stricto Sensu Post-Graduation Coordinator

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