PROFESSIONAL CLINICAL INSTITUTIONAL IMPROVEMENT IN PSYCHOANALYTIC PSYCHOTHERAPY aims to provide professionals with a theoretical and practical deepening in the psychoanalytical approach, to promote a better professional qualification (private clinic and institution), besides favoring the methodological instrumentation for psychotherapeutic performance and scientific production within psychoanalysis.

Target Audience

Graduated professionals in psychology and medicine. Will be offered 30 vacancies.

Structure / Duration / Hour Load

Total Charge: 420 hours. The total duration in months of the modules of the course is 14 months, subdivided in theoretical classes and clinical supervisions. There is also an available period of 120 hours that will be allocated to the technical, cultural and elaboration and supervision activities of the article and monograph of completion of the graduate.


At the end of the improvement, the certificate of improvement in the area, issued by the Post-Graduation of the University Center of Franca, is granted to the participant considered approved, in relation to notes, attendance and academic / scientific production (monograph and article).


Attendance Course: Requirement of 75% attendance for approval.

Assessments are done at the end of each course. Grades vary from 0 to 10, with grade 7 as the minimum grade required for passing the course.

Calendar / Class Schedule

The classes of the course will be in attendance, with first schedule for March 11, 2019 and ending in August 2020.

Classes and supervisions will take place on Saturdays, in the morning and in the afternoon.

Class schedule on Saturdays:

Morning – Theoretical classes from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. (Interval with snack at 10:00 a.m.)

Afternoon – Theoretical classes and clinical supervisions from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. (lunch break at 3:00 p.m.)

There is also a workload of 02 hours for the complement of classroom activities, using the Virtual Learning Environment and / or the previous reading of material made available by the teacher, production of the final work of the discipline, clinical seminars, conferences, workshops and other activities, totaling 120 classroom hours.

Modules / Disciplines

  • The foundations of psychoanalysis
  • Initial interview with adults
  • Relationship analyst / analyst
  • Sexuality and affection: psychoanalytic configurations
  • Analytical field configurations in the contemporary world
  • Interpretive activity as privileged locus of psychoanalysis
  • The psychodynamics of neurotic and psychotic nuclei
  • Adult care in institutions
  • The mature adult: conceptions and experiences
  • The child’s clinic – psychodynamic, binding and technical foundations in psychoanalytic guidance
  • The children’s body and the transition to transitionally
  • The family in question
  • Adolescence – understanding and care in the psychoanalytic perspective
  • The triumph of adolescence / delinquency / existence
  • Professional orientation: the search for choice and self-knowledge
  • Transgene rationality in the psychoanalytic clinic
  • Psychic suffering today

Research Modules and Conclusion Work

  • Didactics in Higher Education Methodology: research in psychoanalysis

Faculty / Coordination

The Faculty of Lato Sensu Postgraduate Courses at Uni-FACEF is formed mostly by Doctors and Masters with degrees obtained from renowned institutions. Consult the Postgraduate Secretariat for a detailed list with the specific teachers for the course.

All our courses are supervised by the postgraduate coordination team, aiming to offer the student body quality, transparency and effectiveness in relation to the courses offered.

Academic Coordination of the course

Drª Irma Helena Ferreira Benate Bomfim

PhD in Psychology from FFCLRP – USP


Graduate Coordinator Lato Sensu

Dr. Silvio Carvalho Neto

Doctor of Business Administration from USP


Investment / Conditions

The Uni-FACEF Graduate courses have an excellent cost-benefit ratio. All courses have a differentiated investment value. Being a municipal authority, Uni-FACEF can offer qualified graduate education with an investment in the measure of its budget. Uni-FACEF offers tuition discounts for alumni of the institution (discount of 10%) and for business agreements (discount of 5%). Consult the Graduate Secretariat for information regarding the investment and the terms of payment for this course.

Differentials of the Graduate Courses in Uni-FACEF:

  • Faculty formed by Doctors, Masters and Psychoanalysts with great experience and market action.
  • Infrastructure suitable to the teaching-learning process, with rooms, multi-media equipment and computer labs with latest generation computers.
  • Meetings exclusively on Saturdays, which allows to fine-tune work and professional investment.
  •   The complementary classes will be composed of educational, cultural and academic-scientific activities promoted by the teachers and students who are members of the course. The evaluation of these activities will be computed through the delivery of reports or certificates.

* Uni-FACEF reserves the right to not take the course if the minimum number of students is not reached.