Open Enrollment for Classes 2019-2020

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Beginning of Classes: 1st semester of 2019

Duration: 14 months – Lectures Biweekly on Saturdays (See class schedule)

Courses offered 2019-2020

Uni-FACEF Specialization Courses

The Uni-FACEF Graduate Programs have the following essential objectives: to specialize, update and deepen the knowledge of professionals and graduates in general, in the areas covered by the scope of the Uni-FACEF courses. Currently, specialization courses are offered in the areas of Administration, Communication, Mathematics, Psychology and Literature, enabling the student body to occupy prominent positions within their respective environments.

Teaching Methodology

The postgraduate courses are developed in a logical sequence, providing a consistent growth, linked to the objectives outlined for graduate programs

Three specialization courses are offered for 2019-2020. Letters: Language, Teaching and Research (the Postgraduate course in Uni-FACEF aimed at the area of Literature), Management and Development of Web Software (Information Systems area) and Public Health: Teaching, Service and Community. All Uni-FACEF specialization courses last 14 months, with a workload of 360 hours / class. The classes are on Saturdays, in the morning and afternoon periods.

For more information contact the post-graduate office.

Lato Sensu Post-Graduation Coordination of Uni-FACEF